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Figure Drawing - ink

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I created these artworks in the last 2 years. Here you see just a tiny selection. Ask me, if you want to see more.

How they came to life: Due to the pandemic, life drawing session were no longer possible in person, so the art community started meeting online. Get a glimpse of the fantastic performance artists I met last year, who week after week create something new to inspire. Which one is your favorite?

By buying an original artwork you help me continuing my work and inspiring others and indirectly you also support the numerous models who's sessions I book.

Each pieces costs 85€ plus shipping from Sweden.

All sketches are painted with artist ink (water and light proof) on white high quality watercolor paper. The color on the photos differ a little, due to the lighting. If you want to check out more works you can find them here:

(If you prefer to be the model yourself, please don't hesitate to check out the option "Become an Art Piece yourself" in my shop - or simply write me an email -

- important -
Postage from Sweden will be added to the price.

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