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Are you looking for a creative, crazy, wonderful personal present for your self, your best friend or your beloved?
Maybe this is the gift you have been looking for:
Be an online art model for a day and receive your individual piece of art. All shapes and sizes welcome! (Self-esteem boost included!)
This is for you if:
- You always wanted to pose nude / semi nude for an artist, but you never felt courageous enough
- You would love to be seen through the eyes of an artist
- You are looking for the perfect unique gift idea for yourself or your beloved
Meet me in a safe privat online space and give it a go.
I will create up to 6 drawings and you get to choose the signed artwork you want to keep.
What I offer:
Preparational talk via Zoom - 20 min.
- how to set the stage
- what light we need
- how to prepare yourself for the session so you are energetic and in a good mood
- appoint a date and time for the actual session
Drawing Session (2-3 hours)
For our drawing session I will create a safe space and connect with you before we start the life drawing session.
We will be sketching with music and do poses between 5-12 minutes.
The focus is on you and that you feel comfortable in the moment - and with the pose.
What you give:
- 2-3 hours of your time
- some courage - to experience that you are wonderful
- some money


Session + 2 original artworks = 222 € / 2200 kr
every additional artwork 77€ / 780kr
(Postage from Sweden will be added to the price.)
Send me an email, if you have further questions:
I am looking forward to hear from you, Siri

PS: Click here if you want to see me draw:

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