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  • Simone Richter

October 24 - counting days, and blessings

Dante, Piazza Santa Croce

Hello beautiful humans, I am writing this diary entry on my partners surface. Because. Yesterday my new computer, the one I bought in February (Mac Book M1) and which`s screen we just exchanged due to a damage, died. I guess for good. We will try to revive it when we are back in Sweden, but I have no hope.

Blessing 1 I have the best man in the world. He is not just the kindest and a beautiful artist, he also helps when I am frustrated with life. Soooo much. And we ordered a new computer.

Blessing 2

I am not sure whether you know: I am my own patreon. Since a few years I do work in projects (as a coach) for companies. Usually these engagements are 3-6 month and then have a few month off in which I can concentrate purely and solely on art. This is so nice. I am still working on not being super exhausted after one of these jobs to use ALL the free time for art. Maybe that will work out with the new job. So from November 1st on, I will consult a team for 3 days a week and we see whether this job will extend into 2023.

Blessing 3 I am still in Florence. 3 more days - not counting the rest of today. And my "drawing-arm" (aua) is helping me to enjoy the place in a more calm manner. Florence is wonderful. And exhausting. And it is good to sit for a day or two inside (or in cafe`s) and ponder on life. Digest. I will still go to life drawing tonight. But this is after not going to sketching statues at 7:30 am, not going to another life drawing session in a bar (9:30) and not sketching right now. Maybe I do not need to bring more drawings home. Maybe I can just look at the art. Look at Florence. She is beautiful.

Blessing 4 I was checking out the Florence Academy of Art. They also have a dependance close to Gothenburg. Interesting. And their studios seem to be a lot nicer as their attitude towards explaining things. But of course, if I consider going to another painting class "old master´s style I would love to do it again in Florence. And it feels like I want to come back. Even though the city is quite stressful. Visullally. And otherwise. Little space where one can walk. In the inner city one is constantly jumping on and off the road, on and off the pavement. The tone is also more rough than I like it. Not from everyone, but from waiters and people on the streets.

Blessing 5 We made a little list of things we want to do in the last days. So we can fade out of this city smoothly and say good bye in a slow way. On Wednesday we will meet some of the people we met here in Florence in a little wine bar we like. Wonderful. It feels like having friends here. At least a little bit.

I am so full of all the impressions - and so is my photo storage on my phone - that I start yearning to be in my studio in Linköping, where I can follow my thoughts in peace. No no, I really like it here. Toooo much.


Dreaming about the future, next year we will come back to Florence for 6 weeks. Culture wise we did not see even half of the main buildings, museums, paintings, scupltures, places etc. And for the once we visitied we would love to have a second, closer look. I guess I will reasearch now, why the proportions of the David are so off. My idea was that it has to do with some optical illusion and someone told me that they were told the exact same thing by other artists. There is no "source" though. Let´s see whether I find that.

See you later, Siri

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