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October 22 - resting, cleaning, drinking

Hello, dear human beings.

I hope you are well. Yes, I did not write for a few days. The question I am asking myself is, whether this is because I was doing so much or doing so little. The thing about me is that I can feel both at the same time. So after being super stressed last night (couldn't sleep and was just thinking and pushing myself to draw more, paint more, do more)

I came to the clever conclusion that the opposite is the right thing for me to do. A day full of rest, organizing, and cleaning. (And yes, I read the contradiction in that. Cleaning and Organising of course is not nothing. It just does not count as art :-))! And I tell you, it get's dirty in a place where painting is priority. Maybe I should do a little sketch of that, hehe. (nooooo!, stop it!) We will see. I also had to figure out how to ship all the additional weight safely to Sweden. It's kind of complicated to figure that out. But now it's solved. And tonight I'll go out with a guy from the art academy and drink some delicious wine on the streets. Yes, that's allowed. That is also fantastic therapy for my tennis-mouse-paper-holding-arm. My wonderful friend and physio therapist Sarah sent me a video with tips on how to heal it. I am so lucky.

And just now I remember someone found my "You are good enough" stickers (See Instagram: The Happy Sexologist) and they wrote that this sticker encouraged them, to do less. Nice. My message comes back to me. Ja, we all should listen to our own advice, first :-)

What has happened in the last days? On Wednesday we went to the Howe Gelb concert as I might have stated before. And to be honest, the walk to the place and back was the nicest part of the experience. When we arrived a hyperactive organizer person told us, that we as external guests (not part of the association) are actually not allowed to buy tickets and also in case we were living in Italy should pay more. I mean, after stating that she did not want us to pay. But it did spoil our mood. And Howe did not make it better. I don't know what I heard on YouTube what he could not do here. The instruments were not tuned. His guitar playing.. I don't know. So, we were happy when it was over.

Yesterday, me and my man became early birds and we went before sunrise with a cup of homemade Mocca to the river. Beautiful. And so peaceful. In comparison to other times at least. I have not seen Ponte Vecchio so empty before. Nice. So I took again 100 photos. The early birding made us sleepy so we went home again for a bit. And while my man was working I went out again do sketch this wonderful town. Found a special place a friend we met here sketched a few days ago (see below).

I should not forget to mention my visit to Zecchi, THE art supply store here in Florence (and just a stone cast from the Duomo). And yes, it was again expensive. Lots of new brushes (also some tiny ones for my new passion for tiny oil paintings) and some loose canvas for paintings I am planning to do at home. Got even some scrap canvas as a present. And in case you are painting have a look at my new "on the go" brush cleaner containers". Aren't they handy?

So, that's it for today. We need to go shopping. No food left in this house.

See you later and keep painting,


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