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October 19 - better health, sculptures, still high

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Good evening lovely humans,

here comes a short check-in. I feel a lot better today, and after a job interview (I need money for next year Florence) I looked a bit into my studies on color. There is so much to know. I learned a little bit about how to change the pallet of a reference photo into an imaginary pallet. Wowiii. I guess I have to listen to this again and also practice it a bit. Feels like that all levels can learn something from Florent's videos. Next year I make sure I have an easel at the apartment or at least some workstation.

Then I went out to do some drawing. I wanted to sketch some of the wonderful statues outside of the Uffizi, especially the "Abduction of a Sabine woman" by Giambologna. It was commissioned by Cosimo Medici the first in 1579. This statue consists of three figures which are wound around each other. Figure Serpentinata. Sooo beautiful. Of course, not such a beautiful topic, even though the title is not always translated as "rape" that's probably what happens when women get "stolen". The world is bad. Ok. Patriarchy is. Art is wonderful. So I will from now on call this statue "Kinky Threesome". So everything, all phantasies are allowed, but consent is essential. I can totally live better with that.

Then some drinks and dinner with my man and in a minute we leave for a concert with Howe Gelb, a recommendation by a kind colleague from Berlin. The concert starts at 21:30, but we decided to walk there. I guess it will be a long night.

See you tomorrow,


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