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Learning to paint - for real.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

My 4-week portrait class at the old master's style Angel Academy of Art Diary and travel report.

Hej folks, from Monday, 03. October 22 on I participate an old masters style portrait class in Florence. After visiting an exhibition of works from Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) in Munich 2018, I was so touched that I considered doing some "boring" (because patience practice is needed) studies for the first time. My academy of choice was the Academy of Art, founded by Michael John Angel. I got inspired by the insane!! painter and fun YouTuber Cesar Santos , who did the 3-year class there. I booked this 4-week-class in 2019. And I guess you might assume why it took some time to make it to Florence...

Now I am here in the very center of Florence, sitting in an old prison (which now is a cafe "Le Murate") and in three days my painting class will start. I am very excited. Besides learning as much as possible about portraits, colors, materials, process, oils, composition, history etc., I hope to meet some friendly colleagues and just have a fantastic time in this city filled with art. Being here for the 3rd day now, I am still (probably for the next 2 weeks) overwhelmed just by walking through the streets. On every corner there is another super important museum, statue, building. Studios and ateliers of amazing artists are all around so are art supplies stores. If you peek into entrances of buildings you will find the most amazing architecture, roof painting or just another artist craftsperson doing their business.

So, you can see: a quite exciting experience. On that note: While walking through old town - where we live and practically everywhere we have been so far you keep jumping on and of the very narrow sidewalks escaping people, cars or motorbikes. So much fun. Not. Actually a little stressful. There are pavements on which an umbrella (yes, it is raining since we arrived, so no plain air so far) is too wide to carry over your head.

So I guess with all this culture and a little hectic life and millions of tourists around, it is a good idea to take a breather every day and reflect on what I learned and what the day brought otherwise. This is what you will read here. I will share my foolish attempts, joy when something worked out, newly learned ideas and techniques and of course all great art I'll be witnessing during the 4-week-class.

Come along, join me on my journey.

See you here,


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