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Day 3, - first results

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Good morning loves, how are you today?

It is way too early for me. 7:45, and still tired like hell. Yesterday night I finished an assignment for my sex therapy class. I will finish my education this month. And I am looking forward to then start working in this field. But now, let's focus on what happened yesterday with my other calling.

First: It was a really good day. I did not feel so stressed - because I did not stress myself. This is a very good thing. I found out through the last days that after painting the whole morning and the first hour after Lunch (around three o'clock) I am very tired and cannot focus on the model (still the head) anymore. So I took this seriously. During Lunch I had some time with myself, sketching and having some food. Reading through the materials they gave us on Monday. And then, when I got tired after another hour of painting, I just had a 20-minute rest in the communal cellar. The fun fact here is, that no one seems to have a rest. No one is taking a break beyond the compulsory break during lunchtime when we all need to leave the studio so they can air the premisses out. Oh, the air is another thing. With 20-30 people painting, the air is full of fumes - besides the normal human ones. And I guess that does contribute to me being dizzy after 5 hours.

To the actual schedule:

We start at 9:30 and paint for three hours till 12:30. Lunch is from 12:30 to 2 pm.

Then we paint again from 2 to 5 pm.

People are allowed to stay till 8 pm to finish their projects.

Before Corona, they also had life drawing and other voluntary classes after the day. This does unfortunately not exist anymore. Wow. After a day of painting all I want to do is paint more. And the most exciting thing is that this seems to be the reality for everyone in the studio. A good place. Art is taken very seriously and the atmosphere is still friendly and calm.

Next week there will be life drawing. Juchu. Because one class which was working in the same room as my group had model time when the model did not show up. So they now do 4 sessions with the same pose!! and I am allowed to come along. Nice.

More to the schedule: Every hour teacher comes by and gives us some valuable critique. I have never gotten so valuable critique that was never personal or funny in the way it was told. And everyone is eager to get more information on how to become a better painter. Jared started also explaining things a bit more. This is all very valuable stuff.

What did I learn yesterday? That I can take a break. We did finish our planes-head. We did some graduations - meaning we tried to mix 4 shades (actually one shade and 4 lights. The shadow family and the light family. The better don't mix, like Michael Angel said, like Romeo and Julia's families. This will just end in trouble) with different pigments which from dark to light increased in chroma and value (if I understood that correctly).

We learned about "hue" (which tint a color has), "chroma" (what saturation a color has) and "value") how dark or light a color is). Sounds easy, but it is not.

While mixing worked well for me, I struggled yesterday seeing "more" shades, light differences in the head. And I also found that - while painting with dry pigments (no medium added, just straight out of the tube) my graduation became a little blotchy. But we will work on that today, Jared said. With head number 2. Wish me luck,


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