What do you hide?
What are ashamed of?
What would you like to extinguish from your past? What do you project on others to not see it as part of yourself? 

In 2017, I was part of  the Art Festival 48h Neukölln. The topic of this year was "Shadow". I was looking for some inspiration, when I came up with the idea to collect contributions from strangers via a "confession tree" . I never expected what avalanche was triggered from this. Read on, if you want to know more details...
Because 48h Neukölln is a local Art Festival, I wanted to include some inspiration from my direct neighbourhood, my community. So I came up with the idea to make an installation and put it up in a very public spot in Neukölln. 
I created a confession tree, where people were asked by a sign to contribute anonymously and confess their darkest shadows. Not an easy task. Filled with anxiety and shame.  It took a few hours before people dared to grab pen and paper. 
During the day I went to the tree a few times as an observer from a distance. What started with shy readings ended up with many intense contribution, interesting talks and the idea to make the confession tree part of the exhibition. A very exiting and very touching experience.
Why did I ask people to confess their darkest shadow?
I believe, that we all have aspects we would like to hide, secrets we never told. Sometimes we even put it in the unconscious.
To become conscious about our shadows and to speak out can be an act of self liberation. Confessions - I believe - can be a first step to freedom and healing.
PS: While others where writing about their shadows, I thought it would be just fair to write about mine... The Text you find under
"My Shadow"