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Pop Up Gallery - No. 3

22. - 24.09.2017

Special Guest: Diana Berg


Pop Up Gallery No. 4

27. - 29.10.2017

Wann: 21.07. - 23.07.2017

Wo: Tagtigall, Yoga & Meditationszentrum, Herrfurthstraße 6a, 12049 Berlin Neukölln


Was ist daran so besonders?

Neben Siri Berlin stellen 16 internationale in Berlin wohnende Künstler der Neuköllner Life Drawing Gruppe „Rosi, ich bin nackt!“ aus. Zudem wird der Digital Artist Kristian Sundin wieder als Special Guest dabei sein.


Das reicht nicht. Was gibt es noch besonderes?

Am Samstag den 22.07.17 gibt es um 21:00 Uhr ein öffentliches Life Drawing mit den Akteuren von „Rosi, ich bin nackt! statt.

Alle Besucher der Ausstellung sind Willkommen mit zu zeichnen.

48h Neukölln - Art Festival

June 22, 2017

Title 2: The myth of shadow - a life between light and dark


Kristian Sundin and Siri Berlin are a Swedish/German artist couple living in Berlin and Stockholm. The shadows in both cities are very different - as the light is. 

The artists are interested in human beings, human nature and the very good and the very evil which comes along with them. They look at this years topic „Shadow“ through several focusses: mythology, psychoanalysis, literature and history. In these perspectives you find very divers ideas about shadow. A shadow seems to be much more than the part where sunlight is hindered by a body. The way a shadow is seen varies from good to bad. It can be a guardian, a friend or the dark side of a person.  Besides, without light there is no shadow. The psychoanalyst C. G. Jung claimed that the unconscious and hidden side of a personality is the „shadow“. 

Siri Berlin's Pop Up Gallery - No. 1

June 01, 2017

Siri Berlin's Pop Up Gallery No. 1

With my greatest pleasure I announce and invite you to my first "Pop Up Gallery" in Berlin. This is the first of three weekends, where I will show my work of the last 2 years (paintings, collages, performances).

You can expect: My art, stories about how I created them and what inspired me to do them, one guest artist, prints and originals to buy, nice chats with other art enthusiasts, firendly smiles and a good time. 

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