Did you fall in love with one of my artworks? 

Here you get to know more about prices and shipping for Original Artwork, Fine Art Prints or Commissions.

We are very happy that you like Siri's artwork. She is even happier. Why don't you come and meet Siri Berlin and your new piece of art at her studio?

You find us here: Boddinstraße 44, 12053 Berlin

Prices for original artwork start from 65€, depending on size and technique. Prices for prints start from 2,50€ (post card size). We will discuss commissions with you, to make sure we meet your wishes and you are aware of what you will get for your money.

If we have to ship the artwork, postage and package will be added on top. We need to receive your full payment before we can send you the artwork. Process and costs will be discussed with you in advance, so you will now the exact price before you agree to anything.

Siri says: "I hope my art will add something special to your life, as it did to me while painting it."