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Siri Berlin.  Artist & Coach

Welcome to my art home. It makes me happy to know that you are interested in my creations. My art is most of the time pure self expression. I am very diverse in medium, but consistent on the topic - everything human. 

My name is Siri Berlin. A name partially given to me and partially my own creation. I grew up in Germany and live right now in Linköping in Sweden.

I share a wonderful studio with my partner and two other artists. Besides being a visual artist I also write poems and sometimes songs. I have two other jobs which I from now on will not call "day-jobs" anymore, because they are also my passion. I work as an agile coach to bring self organization to companies and in Oktober 2022 I finish my education and start my work as a sexologist.


I love humans and I am living a pleasure and sex positive life. This you can see reflected in my art.

Life drawing is my passion therefore I run diverse life drawing sessions in my studio in Linköping. When I travel I try to go to as many local sessions as possible. I just love being in a room full of creatives being inspired by the model and each other.

Sometimes I record new episodes for my podcast Sex& Art

The topics wich are important to me and I am working on right now are: 

- Nudity. Naked facts and figures
- Shame. What a shame.
- Sexuality. 

I plan to create exhibitions around these topics.

In October 2022 I will finally be able to attend a 4-week class in old master's style portraiture at the Angel Art Academy in Florence.


If you would like to get in contact with me for collaborations, exhibitions, a nice human encounter or if you are interested to buy one of my pieces, please send me a message to If you live in Linköping, make sure to visit me at my studio at Elsa's Hus. 


See you around, 
Siri Berlin


Siri Berlin
Simone Richter

Ateljé Siri Berlin
Elsa-Brändströms-Gata 3A
58227 Linköping

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