Siri Berlin.  Artist & Coach

Welcome to my art home. It makes me happy to know that you are interested in my creations. My art is most of the time pure self expression. I am very diverse in medium, but consistent on the topic - everything human. 

My name is Siri Berlin. A name partially given to me and partially my own creation. I grew up in Germany and live right now in Linköping in Sweden.

I share a wonderful studio with my partner and two other artists. Besides being a visual artist I also write poems and sometimes songs. I have two other jobs which I from now on will not call "day-jobs" anymore, because they are also my passion. I work as an agile coach to bring self organization to companies and in Oktober 2022 I finish my education and start my work as a sexologist.


I love humans and I am living a pleasure and sex positive life. This you can see reflected in my art.

Life drawing is my passion therefore I run diverse life drawing sessions in my studio in Linköping. When I travel I try to go to as many local sessions as possible. I just love being in a room full of creatives being inspired by the model and each other.

Sometimes I record new episodes for my podcast Sex& Art

The topics wich are important to me and I am working on right now are: 

- Nudity. Naked facts and figures
- Shame. What a shame.
- Sexuality. 

I plan to create exhibitions around these topics.

In October 2022 I will finally be able to attend a 4-week class in old master's style portraiture at the Angel Art Academy in Florence.


If you would like to get in contact with me for collaborations, exhibitions, a nice human encounter or if you are interested to buy one of my pieces, please send me a message to siri@siriberlin.de. If you live in Linköping, make sure to visit me at my studio at Elsa's Hus. 


See you around, 
Siri Berlin


Siri Berlin
Simone Richter

Ateljé Siri Berlin
Elsa-Brändströms-Gata 3A
58227 Linköping