Siri Berlin is a multi.interested female artist and coach living and working in Berlin. Her recent main focus is painting. She also creates music, written stuff, tragic-poetic cabaret shows, and poetry. She just got the idea to create a place where she could live, play and create with her tribe.

Right now she is deep diving into her art being passionate about making it her business. Besides she is supporting her partner in doing his work as digital artist.

Of course Siri still works on her project "One Hundred Strangers". Since October 2018 she is in the process of meeting 100 people she hasn't met before. In the 4 hours Siri Berlin spents with each stranger at her studio, they get to know each other, they eat and drink together and Siri paints or draws a portrait of the stranger.

(If you want to be part of the project, feel free to drop a her message:

​Siri admires the works from William Kentridge, is in love with Egon Schiele and, yes, some works of Klimt. She still hopes to become as gifted as Picasso and Rembrandt combined. Or since Munich recently Caravaggio.

Siri Berlin works mainly figurative, even though some works look quite abstract, and her main subject are human beings or what she sees as their essence. Topics she is interested in are "everything human" „self-love“, „conscious relating“, „sexuality“, „femininity“ and „spirituality“.

With her art, she wants to inspire people to be their true original and live life fully.