One Hundred Strangers

The art of getting to know someone

About the Project:


Most people are strangers to us. This is true even in people’s close physical environment. We live the illusion of connection through social media. We seem to know everything about everyone - or at least we are able to check all the „facts“ online. Contradicting this, it seems that in the 21st century real, profound, deep, authentic connection is a highly sought after but very seldom met need of many. This is especially obvious in big cities like Berlin where I started this project. Most people don’t even know their neighbours anymore. Encounters become more and more superficial.


With this project I ask: How do we meet today? How do we connect? And are we really present when we meet?


Over what ever time period it will take, will meet 100 strangers from all over the world. I started doing so in October 2018. During the four precious hours we spent together, we will get to know each other, we will eat and drink together - and I will paint or draw my version of you.

Dear stranger, I am looking forward to connect with you.