Poem to an unfinished painting...

Hello dear art enthusiast,

in case you don't know me yet, let me shortly introduce myself.

I am a multi.interested female artist and coach from Berlin, now living and working in Linköping, Sweden. My recent main focus is drawing with ink and playing with oil pastels. Sometimes I also create music, written stuff, tragic-poetic cabaret shows, and poetry. 

I admire (sooo much) the works from William Kentridge, and I'm love with Egon Schiele and, yes, some works of Klimt. I have to confess that I still hope to become as gifted as Picasso and Rembrandt combined. Or since Munich recently Caravaggio.

Sometimes I work figurative, sometimes abstract. The more freedom - not just in the selection of tools or styles - the better, I think. My passion and main subject are human beings or what I see as their essence. ​With my art, I want to inspire people to be their true original and live life fully. ​

So I guess, you know me a little better by now. If you want to know more you can listen to an interview I gave recently for my podcast (click here) And now I am looking forward to get to know you.

Siri Berlin

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